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Embark on an unforgettable adventure in a land of gods and Warriors, corrupt governments, and unlikely heroes with hidden powers when you read the Blood of Fire series by Marlow York. Below you'll find Marlow's self-published books, available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Click the button to buy today!

Blood of Fire Series

Blood of Fire

Seventeen-year-old Valieri Fiero must flee for her life when her peaceful farming village is destroyed by the City, her clan’s powerful yet mysterious rulers. Haunted by the deaths of her parents and her older sister’s disappearance, Valieri must learn to survive on her own when she is captured by the Grakkir, a forest-dwelling Warrior race with rumored abilities to control god-like beasts.


The more time she spends in their world, built upon a foundation of strength and honor, the more lies she discovers about her own world and the City she once revered. But a fiery secret runs through her veins. Will she be able to harness this power and find her sister, or will the City stand in her way?


Trail of Flames

In the wake of terrible destruction, Valieri and Saven are forced into a treacherous world where enemies could be anywhere. On the verge of capture and death, they are rescued by a young man named Cypress. This benevolent stranger takes them to a place Valieri never expected – a hidden forest of people with Ancient Blood who use their powers openly. There she discovers the existence of other clans with similar abilities who may be strong enough to fight their common enemy: the City. If only she can convince them.

Against Saven’s judgement, Cypress joins their mission to form an army powerful enough to rival the City. But not all are willing to risk their lives on such a dangerous undertaking. With enemies lurking around every corner, will Valieri find the help she needs, or will the City’s military prove to be too formidable?

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