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Author Interview - Samantha R. Glas

Hey there! On this week's installment of the Author Interview Series, I chatted with author Samantha R. Glas about her writing habits and current work-in-progress. Check out what she had to say below!


1) Describe your most recently published book and/or your current work in progress.

My current work in progress is difficult to describe at this point in editing. But let’s just say it takes place in Mobile, Alabama during the 1940s, and it involves a whole lot of cake. ;)

2) Which do you prefer: self-publishing or traditional publishing? What factors made you choose one over the other?

I see a lot of upsides to each of them, and I’ve considered pursuing both. As for self-publishing, I love the control an author has over her book: that is the biggest reason I would consider self-pub. I also like the idea of traditional publishing because, if I could pull it off, I would feel I’d “made it” as a writer. But of course, I don’t think that invalidates self-publishing at all.

3) Are there any books, movies, music, etc. that influenced your writing?

Classics like Jane Eyre (Charlotte Brontë) and Diary of Anne Frank definitely inspire my current writing, as well as more modern books like Radio Girls (Sarah-Jane Stratford) and The Book Thief (Markus Zusak).

4) Which is your favorite genre(s) to write in? Which genre have you never written in but would love to try someday?

For the past couple years, my favorite genre has been historical fiction. I love the research it requires, and the opportunity to learn the nitty-gritty of a specific time period. I would like to try my hand at mystery someday.

5) Do you prefer reading on an e-reader or actual books? Which do you think is better from a publishing point of view?

For fiction, I prefer physical books (so I can read in the bath, of course). But for the occasional non-fiction, e-books are more efficient.

If I had to choose between publishing an e-book or a physical book, I would choose the physical book. There’s something satisfying about seeing your own work in print.

6) How has the online writing community affected your writing career?

I’ve developed this feeling of encouragement. I feel like if I were to publish a book tonight, a lot of the people who engage with me online would rush to buy it; or at the very least, they would celebrate right with me. I love the community and support writers offer each other.

7) Describe your typical writing routine.

I decide to write at a particular time. I make a big cup of tea, coffee, or water, depending on the time of day. I pick out a playlist. I take a photo of my beautiful writing setup. I scroll Pinterest for ages. Then, my mind finally runs out of excuses not to write, and for the next glorious few hours I actually write something.

8) What is your ultimate goal in terms of writing?

Ultimately, I would love to be traditionally published. Maybe not soon, and I may not be a New York Times bestseller or anything (but let’s be real, that would be awesome). Still, that is my dream and goal.

9) What has been your biggest writing struggle? What is your greatest strength?

Fear of failure/rejection is definitely real for me. And fear that I’ll never be good enough, that no matter how hard I work on my writing, it will never pay off. But it’s a completely irrational fear, and with some rest and a lot of prayer, I can get past it pretty quickly.

As for strengths – I’d like to say I’m perseverant. No matter how difficult writing is, how strong my fears become, or how many one-star reviews I may receive, I don’t ever see myself giving up.

10) Is there anything about the publishing world that has been very difficult? Has anything been easier than you expected? If you aren’t published yet, what do you anticipate being easy or difficult?

Using traditional publishing as an example – I anticipate, of course, the difficulty of landing a book deal. On top of that, I imagine I would have trouble losing part of my say-so on decisions regarding my book.

As for self-publishing, I have fears of 1) my book flopping, and 2) publishing it too soon. Plus, on the more technical side, finding and paying for services like editing, cover design, formatting, etc. wouldn’t be an easy feat.

11) What is your favorite way to market your book and yourself as an author?

Just posting what feels right at that time on my social media. I don’t like when authors market themselves by posting nothing but links to their books, sales on their books, and the same meme every other day. I am 99% more likely to follow somebody who is natural, true to themselves, and makes a real effort to engage with their following without forcing interaction.

12) Have you taken any writing classes? If yes, would you recommend them? If no, do you want to?

The only class I have taken now is Rachelle Gardner’s “Pen to Published” 8-week online course, which was absolutely amazing. Personally, I would love to take more classes. It can never hurt to hone your skills.

13) What advice would you give to someone who has just started writing?

Write what you’re passionate about. Learn the rules, so you can break them later. And dream as big as you possibly can, then work to make it reality.


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